Frequent Asked Questions

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Who is this program for?

It is for the mother of any child who shows symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders and has partial but restricted verbal outflow or is nonverbal.

What does the program, ARULA for Autism, contain?

It contains a total of 21 video lessons, one lesson for each day. Each lesson consists of one concept explanation and one easy, hands-on activity that the mother will carry out with her child throughout the day. After 3 weeks, the mother will have learnt 21 new lessons and carried out 21 new activities with her child.

Will the program lead to Improvement in my child?

Our program has been created from Mayuri Ramdasi's 20+ years of experience as a speech pathologist. She has researched and developed certain unique principles of speech therapy which have proven to be extremely helpful for her past patients. While every child and their progress is unique and cannot be predetermined, we know that if you believe in our program and apply it regularly in your life, you will surely see at least some positive changes in your child.

How can I purchase this Program?

I don't know what the website is going to look like so I will just describe these steps in a few sentences once I see how it works.